About Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer helps you reduce your EMIs by moving your outstanding loan from other financial institutes to the one which offers lower rate of interest.

Balance Transfer or Refinancing or just Balance Transfer is that the process that permits you to profit from the lower rate of interest offered by the opposite lender. If you've got an existing outstanding home equity credit with one borrower, you'll make a home equity credit transfer, that is, shift the rest amount to a special borrower who charges a lower rate of interest, the method is termed as a home equity credit balance transfer or refinancing. This unique home equity credit transfer service helps a customer avoid high applicable rate of interest s as listed by one home equity credit lender and migrate to a lower interest rate structure with another lender.

Why one would need a balance transfer?

A home equity credit involves a significantly great deal of cash and thus , the rate of interest on the loan may be a matter of concern for everybody who decides to require a home equity credit . Home loan interest rates may range from 8.0 % to 12 % and one of the most common ways to reduce interest rates is to either talk to the bank that has provided you the loan to scale back it or choose a transfer of the balance on existing home equity credit or in layman terms, shift your home equity credit to a bank offering lesser rate.