About Health Insurance

A Health insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and the policyholder, wherein the insurer pays for the medical expenses incurred by the life insured.The insurer will either provide a reimbursement for your medical expenses or ensure you are eligible for cashless treatment for injuries or illnesses covered under the policy at one of the network hospitals. You can also get tax deductions on the premiums paid towards health insurance under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

A Life insurance company pays a pre-defined amount as a policy benefit to the beneficiaries.

Why is it to important to Buy life insurance policy :

A life insurance policy act as a financial net in case of eventuality linked with human life, such as disability , accident,death etc. In case of sudden demise of the primary breadwinner of a family, apart from the emotional trauma, his/her family will be at the risk of a financial crunch due to loss of income.In order to make sure that one’s family doesn’t have to make any compromises due to financial crunch, one should buy a suitable life coverage plan. It will help his/her family to sail through the tough times with dignity.

Benefits of Health Insurance :

Cashless Treatment:

When you are covered under a health insurance policy, you can avail cashless treatments which essentially means that you can receive medical treatments without having to pay the hospital from your own pockets.

Cover for Pre- as well as Post-Hospitalisation Expenses:

Effective insurance policies offer coverage for pre- as well as post-hospitalisation expenses for a period of 60 days before and after an insured individual is hospitalised.

Transportation Expenses:

In case you hold a health insurance policy and get hospitalised the plan will cover the costs incurred on using an ambulance to transport you from your home to the hospital or vice-versa.

Medical Check-ups:

Most health insurance policies offer free health check-ups. However, most insurance companies only offer these check-ups for free depending on your No Claim Bonus.

No Claim Bonus:

If you hold a health insurance policy and do not make any claims over the course of an entire policy year, you will be rewarded in the form of a No Claim Bonus.

Room Rent:

In case you are hospitalised, you will have to incur costs on room rent. Having a health insurance policy will ensure that these costs are covered to a significant extent.

Tax Benefits:

Having a health insurance policy can offer tax benefits as well. The premium payments you make towards your health insurance plan qualify for tax deductions under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Online Purchasing Facility:

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you no longer need to visit a branch of the health insurance company in order to purchase a plan. You can do so from the comfort of your own home or office.


The renewal of your health insurance policy can also be done online. There is also a lot of flexibility when it comes to renewing your insurance plan. You can alter the terms of coverage based on what you think will work best for you.

Cover for OPD Expenses:

Most of the traditional health insurance plans require the insured individual to be hospitalised for a minimum of 24 hours if they are to be eligible for reimbursements.